DC Films Originally Had Plans to Do a Crisis on Infinite Earths Movie

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Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav confirmed last week that they are setting up a new ten-year plan to reshape the DC franchise similar to what Disney's Marvel Studios is doing with the MCU. So far, they haven't revealed any specifics of the plan, but there are fans who are wondering about how they're going to handle the multiple continuities of their films.


However, in a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter regarding the state of the DC franchise, it was revealed that DC Films president Walter Hamada originally had plans to do a movie based on the infamous "Crisis on Infinite Earths" storyline in the comics before the Warner Bros. Discovery merger.

The storyline was previously adapted in the CW's Arrowverse a few years ago where we saw the different shows in the franchise combined into one Earth by the end of the event while the other DC shows from the other networks were delegated to the other Earths.


It is unknown how Hamada would have adapted the storyline into the DCEU and there is also no director or writer attached to the potential film. It also remains to be seen if the idea will factor in on the new ten-year plan.

Considering that the studio wants to change the course of the franchise, there is a chance that they'll actually do the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" storyline since it could be their solution on how they'll handle the multiple continuities in their several projects and settle all the issues and confusions that the fans might have.

It would be interesting to see how they'll handle the reshaping of the DC franchise with the multiple projects that are already set in stone in the next few years as well as the others that are in development. All we know for now is that there are a lot of moves that they have to do in order to effectively execute their plan.


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