Ezra Miller Joined The Flash Reshoots Despite the Ongoing Controversies

Last week, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav confirmed that the theatrical release of The Flash next year will still push through despite the countless controversies surrounding its star Ezra Miller in the past few months. However, not only do they remain involved, it looks like they even shot some additional scenes for the film just recently.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed in their recent report that Miller participated in the regularly scheduled reshoots of The Flash over the summer without any incident despite the actor already being involved in numerous controversies before the time they did the additional photography.

The reshoots also happened prior to Miller being charged with felony burglary by the Vermont State Police recently which made it to the headlines in the past few days. The report also indicated that the studio is still evaluating all options on whether the film will move from its summer 2023 release date or remain as scheduled.

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So far, Warner Bros. has not made any official comments regarding Miller's several controversies and their future on the DCEU after the upcoming film. Considering that there's still less than a year before its scheduled release, it looks like the studio is taking its own time in addressing the issue.

It is surprising to hear that the studio let Miller participate in the recent reshoots despite their controversies and legal issues. It is a sign that they are indeed committed to releasing the film in theaters and they have no plans to recast Miller in the role despite the pleas from fans.

However, it is likely that Miller's involvement in the additional photography was contractually obligated which is why they were still able to get involved. It still remains to be seen how the studio will handle the promotional campaign for the film which is very likely to be clouded by the actor's controversies.

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The Flash is slated for release in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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