DC Announces Batman/Joker: The Deadly Duo By Image Legend Marc Silvestri

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Batman and The Joker have been sworn enemies but have teamed up a few times in the past, usually because Bruce doesn't have a choice. It looks like that may or may not be the case with a new series announced by DC Comics during SDCC 2018; Batman/Joker: The Deadly Duo. Fans will be happy to know that Image Comics veteran Marc Silvestri will write and draw this series.

Details on the story are slim but it will have a new villain created by Silvestri himself, so that's a bit interesting. Silvestri was also surprised that there hadn't been many "important" stories like these featuring Batman and Joker, so he is hoping to bring us something unique. He joked that the series would be seven and a half issues.

Fans shouldn't expect this anytime soon since DC will wait until Silvestri is ready to release it. The only thing revealed about it is the cover, which does look pretty cool. Harley Quinn is seen in one of her more recent attires so this might be canon. With Bruce's wedding not going well, this team up might be the last thing he needs.

No release date for Batman/Joker: The Deadly Duo has been revealed.

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