DAY6 Member Jae Leaving JYP Following Emotional Instagram Live, Fans Speculate

Credit: Seori Official YouTube Channel

Credit: Seori Official YouTube Channel

DAY6 vocalist and lead guitarist Jae (eaJ) remains a huge part of the K-pop band. However, he recently dropped a hint he may quit soon.

Jae offered more fan services to DAY6 fans by holding live events on his Twitch channel. His interaction with the fans remained smooth flowing not until he became subject to criticism after making sugar daddy comments.

Fans can clearly remember how the Korean-American idol played the game Rust on his now-deleted live stream, where he made inappropriate comments. At that time, he simulated an NSFW act on another game character, saying, "This guy, he is my sugar daddy," before looking away after seemingly realizing what he said.

He posted an apology statement following the controversial livestream and stopped all his live streams since then.

The DAY6 member stepped down from the spotlight since then, and he only came back recently through an emotional Instagram Live.

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DAY6 Guitarist Jae Drops Hint On His Potential Departure From Band, JYP Entertainment

DAY6 Member Jae Leaving JYP Following Emotional Instagram Live, Fans Speculate
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This week, Jae got himself into more dramas after a video of him was taken out of context to make him sound like he was anti-vaccine.

He replied to a fan and said:

"Someone just clipped me asking if the vaccine was helping and framed a clip where I sounded like i was against the vaccination… I'm getting my second dosage next week."

Fans then attacked the person who posted the video, causing Jae to share another apology letter and remind everyone that no one should attack people.

On Wednesday, he held an Instagram Live to address the recent drama and reveal that he currently has panic disorder. After remaining silent and enduring defamation for a long time, he finally warned them of taking legal action against the people who post negative things about him.

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While the recent fan interaction does not have something to do with JYP Entertainment, Jae dropped a statement that he is thinking of ending his contract with the agency.

"I just want to make it very clear that you have won this war, you have won this battle, you have made me realize you're right I don't belong here," he said. "You're right. You've won. You're gonna get what you want. Just give me time to make it work."

He then mentioned DAY6 and how his social media marketing job helped the band get where it is right now. Thus, hearing people say something about his YouTube channel, Twitch, and his projects significantly hurt him.

For now, he promised that "people will get what they want," and it sounded like he is leaving the band and JYP Entertainment real soon.

Jae Suffered Under JYP?

DAY6 Member Jae Leaving JYP Following Emotional Instagram Live, Fans Speculate
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As a person responsible for DAY6's social media, the vocalist worked everything on his own. Far from what fans think, JYP Entertainment did nothing to help him and the band.

In August, he recalled on Twitter how he needed to hire the people they needed, find someone to flip his prompter, or get a technician in his way.

He also repeatedly called out the agency when it failed to repost his solo projects as it does for other members. Shortly after the post, he informed the fans that JYP caused him to shut down jaesix on YouTube, although he worked hard on the YouTube channel.

After nine years of being under JYP Entertainment, DAY6's Jae might have finally gathered enough reasons to leave.

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