Squid Game Grandpa, Oh Young Soo, Rejects Massive Modeling Deal — Here's Why

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Credit: Netflix Asia YouTube Channel

Squid Game Player No. 1 actor, Oh Young Soo, received a massive advertisement deal from a chicken franchise. However, he turned down the offer for one good reason.

Out of all the characters on Squid Game, Oh Il Nam surely is the only one that sent the viewers on a rollercoaster ride. After playing the massive role on the Netflix series, many viewers became curious about his real identity and what he has to offer in the future installments of the action-thriller series.

Due to his popular demand, Young Soo reportedly received an offer to become a model for a franchise. Despite being a massive deal, he reportedly turned down the offer due to one reason.

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Squid Game Oh Il Nam Says No To Modeling Deal

Squid Game Grandpa, Oh Young Soo, Rejects Massive Modeling Deal — Here's Why
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JoongAng Ilbo received a statement from Gganbu Chicken on Wednesday, confirming that the chicken franchise contacted Young Soo for a deal. Unfortunately, the actor reportedly turned down the offer.

"It is true that we offered actor Oh Young Soo to become the brand model for Gganbu Chicken but he turned down the offer," the company said, as translated by AllKpop.

As for the reason behind the rejection, Young Soo reportedly said he wants to focus on being an actor for now.

The now-76-year-old veteran Korean actor played the role of elderly Oh Il Nam/Player 001 on Squid Game. The character notably offered Sung Ki Hoon (Lee Jung Jae) to become his Gganbu during the marble game.

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In Korea, Gganbu refers to a person's close friend who shares marbles or Ddakjis during the games.

Meanwhile, Gganbu Chicken penned a statement on its homepage that somewhat gave the nod to the series, saying, "Gganbu stands for your ally, partner, or team member who promised to be on your side during your childhood."

The offer reportedly came after online communities suggested making the actor be its model. There have been memes and fan-made videos showing Young Soo's character in the chicken franchise's advertisement.

Gganbu Chicken Continues Marketing Without Oh Young Soo

Squid Game Grandpa, Oh Young Soo, Rejects Massive Modeling Deal — Here's Why
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With or without Squid Game Player No. 001, Gganbu Chicken unceasingly uses the word gganbu from the series as part of their marketing campaign.

Next month, they will reportedly release a new menu, Squid Chicken, and continue to drop more marketing plans based on the Netflix series.

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