DAWN Starts Anew With HipHop Label

Credit: DAWN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: DAWN/YouTube Screenshot

Solo artist Kim Hyojong, better known as DAWN, joins hands with a new hip-hop label. After parting ways with P NATION in August 2022, he signed with Groovy Room to start a new journey as a musician.

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DAWN Signs with AT AREA

On January 30, it was revealed that DAWN had signed an exclusive contract with AT AREA, a label founded by the production team Groovy Room. Through a statement released on the same day, the label introduced the new addition to the family.

"We are happy to introduce DAWN as the first new family member in 2023. DAWN is an artist who we have always seen in a cool way. We will actively support him so that he can fully demonstrate his potential as an artist and quench his thirst for music."

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DAWN Expresses His Excitement in Signing with New Label

DAWN felt reassured to have created a deep understanding and respect for his desired direction in music.

"I'm excited to be with Groovy Room and AT AREA. I feel reassured to have created a deep consensus with the label in the direction that I desire and carry out music activities as much as I want. I ask for everyone's support for the music I will be releasing in the future."

AT AREA is a label that R&B artist Gemini and rapper Miran belong to. Huge expectations are focused on the synergy that will be created between DAWN and AT AREA, which is rapidly growing by building a specialized music production team with top local and international members.

Meanwhile, DAWN first debuted under the stage name EDawn with the Cube Entertainment idol boy group Pentagon in 2016. He was recognized for his outstanding skills as a composer and songwriter, which was further showcased through his solo tracks such as "MONEY" and "DAWNDIDIDAWN."

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Recently, news of him and HyunA ending their relationship was confirmed. However, it was reported that the two have reunited after their controversial split.

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