David Tennant Teases Kilgrave's Return In Jessica Jones Season 3

Kilgrave is undoubtedly one of the most effective villains on TV, thanks to the fact that he is portrayed by Doctor Who alum David Tennant. So what are the chances that the Purple Man will be back in Jessica Jones Season 3? Tennant says it's possible.

The Good Omens star recently attended the FanX Convention in Salt Lake City (via ComicBook.com). When asked if he would reprise his villainous role in the Netflix series, Tennant chose to play coy.

"Sure. Well, who knows," he said before adding, "There's no immediate plans. But if there were immediate plans, I'd be denying them. So you know, who knows?"

Kilgrave played a major role in the first season but Tennant only appeared briefly in Season 2. Although he only appeared in hallucinations, Kilgrave still proved to be the most compelling villain in the second season. Here's hoping that Tennant will be back to continue tormenting Krysten Ritter's character in Jessica Jones Season 3.

He might not be a main cast member of a Marvel show but that doesn't 't mean Tennant has been idle. He will be playing the demon Crowley in the highly anticipated series Good Omens, which is based on the novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. The show will be available on Amazon Prime in 2019.

You can also catch Tennant in the historical film Mary, Queen of Scots where he will play the Scottish cleric John Knox. The Saoirse Ronan movie is scheduled for release on December 7.

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