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David Ramsey Teases John Diggle's Green Lantern Future in Superman & Lois

John Diggle's future as Green Lantern has been teased ever since the final episode of Arrow where it was seemingly set up that he will become the hero in the future. Until now, it still hasn't come to fruition and it looks like it might not ever happen. However, it looks like there is still a glimmer of hope that his path as the Green Lantern will still be explored.

During his recent appearance in DragonCon at Atlanta this weekend (via The Direct), David Ramsey addressed his character's future as Green Lantern in Arrowverse and hinted that Superman & Lois might still end up picking up the storyline which brings hope that it could still happen.

"It’s not resolved. Eric [Wallace] called me, showrunner of The Flash, and he had a pitch for me to end the saga, the Green Lantern Saga within the Arrowverse. And the reason why he did is because the Arrowverse was ending, right? It’s gonna end with Flash and um- all the other shows would go," Ramsey said.

"And we knew, not at the time, I knew but you didn’t know yet, that Todd [Helbing] was going to reveal in Superman & Lois that the Superman & Lois-verse, if you will, exists on another planet, on a different Earth, and these characters are still alive. And the idea is perhaps there’s a world where we can explore the Flash, or maybe just Barry Allen. Maybe he is Flash, maybe he isn’t. Is Oliver Queen alive? Maybe he is. Maybe the ring is still there?"

Ramsey also explained how Superman & Lois will serve as a launchpad for a new DC universe on The CW that is apart from the Arrowversince since the series is confirmed to not be part of Earth-Prime, where most shows in the franchise were set at.

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"Y’know, these questions where you can kind of- It’s almost a reboot. Superman & Lois allows us to reboot the Arrowverse in a way that we didn’t really think before. And when he revealed that, when Todd initially revealed that, there were a lot of moans and groans about “Oh, we’re no longer in the Arrowverse,”" the actor continued.

"But I think it was smart. It was [Greg] Berlanti’s brainchild and I think it was smart because it allows us to grow outside of the Arrowverse, which we weren’t allowed to do. So, to answer your question is that the ring is still around. It exists in Superman & Lois, it’s been denied the same way it was in the Arrowverse, but [John Diggle] didn’t go through the same thing."

However, Ramsey pointed out that the plans might still not end up happening due to the recent new ownership of Warner Bros. (that is now under Warner Bros. Discovery headed by David Zaslav) and The CW being acquired recently by Nexstar.

"Hopefully, we get to explore some of that, but it just depends. CW was just bought, Warner Bros. was just bought. We aren’t quite sure what’s happening politically in that whole landscape, and we’ll hopefully have some of those answers soon," the actor said.

Based on Ramsey's comments, it looks like there is still hope for John Diggle to become Green Lantern through Superman & Lois where the character has been making occasional guest appearances in the last two seasons. It would be interesting to see if it will actually come to fruition considering the new changes on the DC franchise at Warner Bros.

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