David Harbour Confirms Stranger Things 4 Return and Maya Hawke Has the Best Reaction

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In case you missed it, the first teaser for Stranger Things Season 4 has just been dropped and it confirmed what everyone has suspected all along: Jim Hopper is alive. Not surprisingly, David Harbour commented on the good news and co-star Maya Hawke has the best reaction to his post.

Harbour shared the teaser on his official Instagram account along with a cute caption, "For the faithful, Happy Valentine's Day." However, that's not exactly what Hawke was concerned about. Take a look at her comment below.

Credit: David Harbour/instagram

"Is that even how you build a train track??" Hawke wrote. Needless to say, her comment had fans laughing at how it sounds exactly like something her character Robin would say.

For now, we're not sure how Hopper survived after The Battle of Starcourt. Nevertheless, fans are understandably relieved to know that we'll see more of him in Stranger Things Season 4.


In the previous season finale, Hopper sacrificed himself by volunteering to stay so Joyce Byers and the rest of the gang could escape during the explosion. However, his survival was greatly hinted at in the post-credits scene where two Russian soldiers are discussing how to deal with "The American." Although everyone immediately believed that the mysterious character is Hopper, Harbour and the cast refused to confirm his survival.

Stranger Things Season 4 has not yet been given an official release date. However, the series is expected to return on Netflix later this year.

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