Darth Vader’s Best Scene Isn’t in the Star Wars Movies

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Darth Vader might have had quite a number of epic moments in the Star Wars original trilogy, but some of the best scenes involving the Sith Lord haven't really made it into the Star Wars film franchise.

One of these moments come from the new comic book series, Darth Vader. In the sixth issue of the comic book series by Salvador Larroca, Kieron Gillen, and Edgar Delgado readers get to see Boba Fett returning from a mission that Vader sent him on (via Screen Rant). The Sith Lord wanted the bounty hunter to find out which Rebel pilot was responsible for blowing up the Death Star. While Fett lost track of the pilot in his mission, the bounty hunter had managed to learn the pilot's name: "Skywalker."

While Boba Fett walks away from the disappointed Sith Lord, Vader remembers the moment when Padme Amidala tells her husband Anakin that she was pregnant. This beautiful memory is juxtaposed with Vader's memory of Emperor Palpatine revealing how Padme had been killed by Vader's hands.

As Vader courses through both memories, we see the Sith Lord's rage. His anger is clear. Standing before the window, Vader tries to control his anger, but the glass begins to crack.


It's an epic moment, and as Vader continues to seeth with anger, he remembers Padme being laid to rest right before she says that "I have a son." Looking out into the stars through cracked glass, Vader monologues, saying that "He will be mine," that "it will all be mine."

It really is a heartbreaking scene, one that reminds us of the heartbreak that Anakin Skywalker had to go through.

What's your favorite Darth Vader scene? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is currently screening in cinemas.

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