Darth Vader Will Make an Appearance in Marvel Comics #1000

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Marvel's Star Wars comics have been doing a great job of filling in parts of the lore that happened between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. However, they haven't connected to the actual Marvel Comics universe, which many of us see as a good thing. Apparently, that could be changing as Darth Vader will be appearing in Marvel Comics #1000.

Writer Charles Soule, who wrote Death of Wolverine, Daredevil, and Darth Vader, confirmed that he would be writing the one-page story Vader appears in, while legendary artist Terry Dodson will be illustrating the story. Why Marvel decided to add a Star Wars story to the oversized one-shot is a mystery but they have been selling well, which might be enough for some.

Is this gonna lead to a full-on crossover between Marvel and Star Wars? Probably not. It would be too weird to do so since everything that happens in the comics is supposed to be considered canon for the films. Finding out that Darth Vader fought Spider-Man would be too silly for some and could kill the franchise's reputation, depending on who you ask.


Conan is also set to appear in Marvel Comics #1000 but that's not as controversial. The character recently appeared in various Marvel comics like Avengers: No Road Home and Savage Avengers, making him a part of the canon. It's still weird but Disney isn't planning on making any big budget films with the barbarian anytime soon.

Marvel Comics #1000 comes out this August.

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