Darth Vader Actor David Prowse Retires From Star Wars Autograph Signings

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The real Darth Vader is taking time off to recuperate. Actor David Prowse, who portrayed the Sith Lord in the original Star Wars trilogy, has resigned from private autograph signings due to health issues.

The announcement was made by Prowse's agency Alliance Agents on their official Facebook page. According to the post, the 83-year-old former bodybuilder is already having difficulty with private meetings.

"Dave's family have decided that due to his ongoing health issues all private home signings will now come to an end. There will be no further bookings made. They ask that the autograph community respect their decision and their privacy and do not call them at home."

The post adds that Prowse has been accepting requests for over 40 years and doing so has turned into "a difficult task." Additionally, the agent named Julian requested that fans should cease from begging for meetings as he has "no intention of going against the wishes of Dave and his family."

Prowse has been suffering from arthritis for several years. In 2016, he retired from public appearances but continued to accept private meetings at his home.

Although he is best known for playing Darth Vader, the Star Wars actor also had several notable appearances in other memorable films. Prowse had an uncredited role as Frankenstein's Creation in the 1967 spy comedy Casino Royale. He was also in the controversial movie A Clockwork Orange.

It is truly sad to know that Prowse is struggling with his health. We are hoping the man who brought Darth Vader to life will find a real-life bacta tank and recuperate soon.

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