Darth Maul's Clone Wars Story Arc Led To Villain's Solo: A Star Wars Story Cameo

Most people certainly did not expect to see Darth Maul in Solo: A Star Wars Story. However, Sam Witwer has revealed that the former Sith Lord was destined to play a significant role in the film because of the character's story arc in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Witwer shared with CinemeBlend that he discussed Maul's return with Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan. The screenwriters had then referred to the character's Clone Wars arc to explain why Maul was the only ideal candidate to be the leader of Crimson Dawn.

"The way that he explained it to me was, 'Look, we were telling a story about a criminal empire. You don't necessarily have a lot of screen time to do that in a movie, you could only give sort of a thumbnail, so why not use the criminal empire that had already been established in many, many episodes of The Clone Wars that Maul established? Why not use that? That makes sense.'"

Fans who have been following The Clone Wars from the start would certainly agree with this. Nevertheless, it is awesome to realize how much thought the Kasdans put into reintroducing Maul to the big screen.

People have been hoping that Maul will have his own standalone film following his Solo cameo. However, Disney and Lucasfilm have not yet announced any plans for the villain. In the meantime, Witwer is expected to once again provide the voice of the criminal mastermind in the final season of The Clone Wars.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 will premiere on the Disney streaming service in 2019.

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