Darkseid and Female Furies Confirmed for DC's New Gods Movie

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DC and Jack Kirby fans went over the moon when it was announced that a New Gods movie was in the works. They went even crazier when it was revealed that Tom King will be helping with the film's story, which got everyone's approval after they read his amazing Mister Miracle series. We're all wrapping our heads over who will be appearing and which character will be the protagonist but director Ava DuVernay did confirm two major aspects of the series lore; Darkseid and the Female Furies.

The director started a Twitter Q and A, with fans asking her a variety of questions about the film. When she was asked about Big Barda and the Furies, she said, "How could any self-respecting Barda fan not include The Furies?! I'm looking forward to them so much." When another fan asked if Darkseid would be in the movie, DuVernay simply said, "Darkseid is." If you've read the aforementioned Mister Miracle series, this should make you happy.

Considering how important both of these characters are to the lore of The New Gods, it would be hard to imagine a movie without them. The only problem is trying to introduce new viewers to a plot that is accessible and endearing enough to stick through, especially with mostly unfamiliar characters. Sure, you could read the comic books but that's cheating.

With a script co-written by Tom King, fans have high hopes for DuVernay's New Gods. No release date for the film has been released.

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