28 May 2020 3:53 PM +00:00 UTC

Dark Phoenix Director Willing to Return for X-Men MCU Reboot

Simon Kinberg has been involved in multiple X-Men movies such as Days of Future Past, Apocalypse, and Dark Phoenix. However, it looks like he's willing to take another crack at the franchise through the MCU reboot coming for the characters.

In a recent interview with IGN, Kinberg expressed his interest in returning to the X-Men franchise. "Sure. I mean, I love the X-Men," he said when asked if he would be open to rebooting the heroes for the MCU. "They were my favorite comic growing up."


Being a "bit of an outcast as a young teen" and "wanting to fit in," X-Men "spoke" to him, which is only some of the many reasons why he has "always loved" the group.

"I've obviously dedicated a lot of my life, between X-Men movies and Logan and the Deadpool films," he added. "I've dedicated a whole lot of my life to it and could imagine doing it in a fresh new way."

Kinberg admits it "would be exciting" to be able to do that too. As for how he'd introduce the mutants into the MCU, he didn't provide a specific answer. However, he did say that it will be an opportunity for these heroes to be less grounded.

"One of the things the MCU does so well, and I have such a profound respect as a fellow filmmaker and then as just a fan, is that they're really loyal to the comics," the filmmaker explained. "They also are very unafraid of a more supernatural or science fiction tonality to their movies. They don't feel like they need to ground them so much in a sort of physics-based reality."

Kinberg thinks there's something "very great and liberating and spectacular" in doing that. He also thinks it would be "cool" if science fiction elements beyond X-Men's Earth elements could be brought in as well. "That's something as a fan I would love to see," he continued. "Because I don't know that we've ever fully done that in a fully committed way in the Fox X-Men canon."

Disney owns Fox and the X-Men film rights, with a reboot likely set for the characters in the MCU setting, it is unlikely for Kinberg to be involved with the franchise again.

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