Daredevil’s Vincent D’Onofrio Calls Fans To Sign Petition For The Series

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Marvel fans were pretty upset when they heard the news that Netflix had decided to add Daredevil to its list of canceled Marvel TV shows last year. The streaming giant axed Iron Fist and Luke Cage back in September and then a week after Daredevil's season 3 premiere Netflix decided to chop off one of Marvel TV's most highest-rated and critically-acclaimed shows.

Fans were especially disappointed because the third season of the series had a pretty impressive narrative arc moving along Matt Murdock's (Charlie Cox) character development and many were hoping to see more. In fact, Erik Oleson was already pitching a fourth season for the series when Netflix decided to cancel the show.

Now, Kingpin star Vincent D'Onofrio is asking fans to save Daredevil, sharing a brand new petition for the series on Twitter.

Check out the tweet down here:


D'Onofrio's petition endorsement has definitely helped the movement. According to Geek Tyrant, once D'Onofrio shared the tweet, the number of signatures on the petition increased to up a 10,000. Now, the petition has more than 116,000 signatures to its name.

Hopefully, this tweet would attract even more signatures to help get Netflix to see the mistake that its made.


Daredevil was one of Marvel TV's best shows on the website. Fans just have to prove it, because if not, the series will remain where it is – networkless and cancelled.

Meanwhile, in other Marvel TV news, Netflix's The Punisher second season is set to premiere later on this month and the new batch of episodes promises the full transformation of Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle.

The Punisher is slated to premiere January 18, 2019.

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