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Daredevil Star Downplays He Would Ever Be In Line For James Bond Role

No Time To Die was the last time Daniel Craig graced the screens as the last actor to play the James Bond role, and though it’s likely we won’t be seeing him again in the same role, Craig has raised no doubts that he will be ‘front and center’ for the next to take the throne. Two of the most recently speculated fitting for the role are Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Henry Cavill, among many other candidates. However, Daredevil: Born Again star Charlie Cox denies he would ever be in line next to his co-stars.

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In an interview with NME, Cox details why he wouldn’t be suitable to play James Bond. Despite playing MI6 agent Adam Lawrence on his upcoming Netflix mini-series, Treason, the actor is convinced he wouldn’t even be on the list of candidates. Check out Cox’s full comment below:

“Is my name even on the list?” Cox jokes, implying that the interviewer wasn’t the first to suggest him for the role, “Someone brought this up the other day and they told me there are odds [for who will play the next Bond]. Then she said, ‘Not for you, sadly.’”

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On a more serious note, though, the actor explains there are better candidates than him. Besides, Cox has found satisfaction in playing similar Bond roles like in Treason and Daredevil.

“The honest truth is that I think there are better candidates out there than me,” Cox admits, “The Bond itch has been scratched a little bit for me with Treason, but also particularly by Daredevil. Playing a superhero is not so different.”

Either way, Craig also leaves up the decision to the producers, seeing as he’s ready to congratulate the next to take the role. What are your thoughts on Charlie Cox sporting the 007 suit?

We’ll be seeing Charlie Cox reprise his role as the titular character in Daredevil: Born Again on Disney+ sometime in 2024, as well as on his new Netflix series, Treason, this coming December 26.

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