Daredevil Star Charlie Cox Attends Marvel's Stan Lee Memorial As Matt Murdock

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Would you believe it's been almost a year since Netflix cancelled Daredevil? Some people are still not over the show's unexpected cancellation after a truly epic third season. Interestingly, even star Charlie Cox is keeping the Devil of Hell's Kitchen alive as he attends Marvel's recent Stan Lee memorial dressed as Matt Murdock.

The report comes from Comicbook.com, which reveals that Cox was in attendance at the Excelsior! Remembering Stan Lee panel at New York Comic-Con 2019. However, most fans were quick to notice that the Stardust actor looked like his Marvel character, wearing a black suit with no tie and a pair of red sunglasses.

Interestingly, Cox joked about his secret identity onstage, claiming that he's not Daredevil. Although fans laughed about the declaration, there is little doubt that most of them were hoping that Cox would announce that the Netflix series will be returning for at least one more season.

Daredevil was the first Marvel series to air on Netflix in 2015 and it went on for three seasons. Unfortunately, it was the third show to be cancelled, following Iron Fist and Luke Cage, which were cancelled in October (Netflix pulled the plug on Daredevil in November 2018). The last two Marvel shows on the streaming giant, The Punisher and Jessica Jones, were cancelled earlier this year.

Although he will no longer play the Man with No Fear, Cox is currently a busy man. He appears on the Broadway play Betrayal with Avengers: Endgame star Tom Hiddleston.

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