Daredevil Showrunner Debunks God of War Rumors

PlayStation has multiple properties under its belt with cinematic potential, and one of the titles that have primed for a film is God of War. A rumor has apparently been going around that Daredevil showrunner Steven DeKnight is going to be working on a God of War series, but he's come out to debunk the news.

This was his post on Twitter:

Though DeKnight is not involved, I have no doubt that PlayStation Studios is working on bringing God of War to the big screen. With the spectacle expected from the property, I doubt that a TV series will be able to capture all of it. I think if Sony really wants this property to make a mark on audiences, it will have to be one big-budget film.

While I personally love the new God of War's "Dad" Kratos, I think Sony may want to give us the original ‘no holds barred' Ghost of Sparta version first. Then again, I can imagine a story being told simultaneously where we follow old Kratos with flashbacks of young Kratos murdering all the gods. Whatever happens, I'm sure fans will be lining up to watch it either way.

For now, everyone is expecting the next God of War game to be announced along with the PS5. Sony was supposed to make their grand reveal tomorrow, but the protests against the police have prompted that studio to put a hold on any ‘celebrations'. We don't know when they'll be making the announcement, but hopefully, we can get it by the end of the month.

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