Danny DeVito Doesn’t Like Colin Farrell’s Version of Penguin

Credit: WB

Credit: WB

Long before Colin Farrell's version of the Penguin wreaked havoc on Gotham City, Danny DeVito's bizarre and horror-stricken take on Oswald Cobblepot terrorized a generation of Batman fans and despite the divided opinion towards Batman Returns, it can't be denied that DeVito's grotesque Penguin is still considered one of the best DC live-action villains in existence.

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Unsurprisingly, the screen legend still holds his performance in such high regard and according to him, no one will ever top his reimagined version of the Penguin, not even Farrell's updated rendition of the notorious Dark Knight baddie. Taking Vanity Fair's lie detector test with his daughter Lucy, the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star jokingly said the following: "I love Colin, he's a terrific guy. My Penguin was better. It's my opinion. Good man, though. Colin's a good guy."

Danny also expressed his admiration for Batman Returns co-star Michael Keaton, saying that despite countless live-action iterations, he's the only version of the caped crusader he'll ever acknowledge. He said: "He's my favorite, this is my favorite. This is Michael Keaton. He was the Batman when I was the Penguin."

When Lucy tried showing him images of other actors that have taken on the cape and cowl, he replied: "I don't know what they look like because they're behind the mask... This is the Batman, for me."

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Say what you will about the Tim Burton-directed film, but despite being overly dark and gritty, I still think Batman Returns holds up to this day as one of the best DC films ever produced.

Michael Keaton will make his Batman comeback in The Flash.

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