Daniel Radcliffe's Rick and Morty Appearance Just Became More Likely

It looks like we're getting closer to that Harry Potter and Rick and Morty crossover.

Not long after series creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland expressed interest to work with Daniel Radcliffe, who happens to be a massive fan of their hit Adult Swim show, the trio are already hanging out.

Harmon posted a photo of himself with Roiland and Radcliffe, which appears to be from the same May Upfronts event where they invited the Harry Potter actor to be part of Rick and Morty.

Roiland and Harmon thinks it will be a "fun idea" to have Radcliffe on the show. During a red carpet interview at the abovementioned event, the interviewer asked about a possible team-up. The two were delighted to know that Radcliffe was a fan and didn't think twice to invite him to hang out in the writers' room and come up with a character he can play on the show.

Radcliffe was genuinely thankful to the interviewer for pitching the idea. In a separate interview, he thanked her a few times and wanted to let Roiland and Harmon know that even they may have only said it because they were on camera, he would still love to make it happen.

"That would be crazy...that would be insane," he gushed. "I'd love to do that," he went on to say. Hopefully, now that the three got a chance to meet, official talks about Radcliffe's guest spot came up.

Some fans would love to see him play a role similar to his Harry Potter character in an episode set in a crazier version of Hogwarts, which Rick and Morty can definitely pull off.

For now, however, nothing is official yet. Perhaps if fans continued to campaign for it, we might see it happen. Roiland and Harmon appear to have so much love for Radcliffe and vice versa that just a little nudge would do.

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