Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Sequel is Already in Development, Has Fans Wondering How (SPOILERS)

While far from the greatest movie ever made, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is easily the best video game film ever made. Some have also argued that it's Hollywood's best anime adaptation thus far since it also borrows lore from the long-running children's show. If you were expecting a sequel after all the hype this film has received, no one would blame you.

However, if you've already seen and enjoyed the movie, ComicBook.com's news of a sequel will likely raise a few eyebrows.


Basically, the ending of Detective Pikachu revealed that the titular character was actually Tim's dad in control of his partner Pokemon's body but with amnesia. It was confusing but also made for a fun twist, though if people had a problem with that then no one could blame them if we're being honest. Mewtwo soon separated them and Tim is now living with his dad Harry, played by Ryan "Deadpool" Reynolds, along with his Pikachu.


Say what you will about the movie, but if Detective Pikachu 2 forces Ryan Reynolds to go back to his Pikachu's body, that is going to be pretty dumb. Granted, the film's real strength was in its world and not the plot but this could still lead to some bad moments. Hopefully, the writing is better and the jokes are funnier.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is now showing in theaters.

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