Daniel Radcliffe on Why He Won’t Play Harry Potter Again

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Have you been hoping that Daniel Radcliffe will eventually return as the adult Harry Potter in a future movie? Sadly, the Guns Akimbo star has stated that he has no intention in reprising the role. However, he has a valid reason for avoiding the franchise.

Radcliffe recently spoke to Variety to promote his new film Escape From Pretoria but also discussed the possibility of playing The Boy Who Lived at least one more time. His response confirmed that the idea is highly unlikely for now.

"I don't think so. I don't like say no to things, but it's not something that I'm rushing to do. I feel like those films have moved on and they're doing just fine without us. I'm happy to keep it that way," Radcliffe said.


But fans shouldn't give up hope. Radcliffe also pointed out that his answer reflects his current situation where he's eager to try new things instead of going back to the past.

"I like what my life is now. I'm not saying that I'll never go back into any franchise, but I like the flexibility that I have with my career now. And I don't want to get into a situation where I'm signed up for one series for years in advance," Radcliffe said.

For now, fans can expect Radcliffe to continue pursuing strange and unique projects. Nevertheless, we're still holding on to hope that he will eventually be back as Harry Potter in the future.

Do you think Radcliffe should return as Harry Potter? Sound off in the comments below.

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