Daniel Radcliffe Discusses Weird Career Choices After Harry Potter

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It's no secret that Daniel Radcliffe has been working on some truly strange projects ever since he completed work on the Harry Potter films. With movies like Guns Akimbo and Swiss Army Man, it seems like Radcliffe is doing everything possible to shed his connection to The Boy Who Lived. But is he doing it on purpose? Radcliffe revealed that his "weird" career choices aren't being done "for weird's sake."

Radcliffe recently spoke to Variety about his new film Escape From Pretoria and during the interview, the Now You See Me 2 actor was asked if he accepted the characterization of being that actor who made "weird" career choices.

"I accept the label in that there's nothing I've shied away from. But I wasn't like, 'find me the weirdest thing out there'. I wasn't picking projects that were weird for weird's sake," Radcliffe said. He then pointed out that found something interesting in every "weird" film he's done.


"Swiss Army Man was weird in that it's about a farting corpse coming back to life and that's not for everybody. At the same time, it's an incredibly smart film that has something beautiful to say about being human," Radcliffe stated. He also compared two of his more recent projects that are very different from each other.

"I've done Guns Akimbo, where I've had guns bolted to my hands, but I've also done Escape From Pretoria, which is really grounded in reality. I think people saw me play one thing for so long that it seems more notable that I do loads of different stuff now," Radcliffe concluded.

Sure, he has done some weird films in his career but there is little doubt that Radcliffe continues to push himself as an actor. With that in mind, we're looking forward to seeing him tackle more interesting and unique projects in the future.

Guns Akimbo is currently screening in theaters across North America. Escape From Pretoria is scheduled for release on March 6.

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