Damon Lindelof Gives Fans a Small Bit of Hope for More Watchmen

HBO's Watchmen will go down in history as one of the best superhero shows out there, managing to give fans a respectful sequel to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' comic book masterpiece. The show did something impossible and gave fans more of this sacred universe, which soon got everyone begging for more of this show, which is why Damon Lindelof saying that he didn't want to work on Watchmen Season 2 was depressing for many.

Interestingly enough, the Watchmen showrunner has since retracted his previous comments but only slightly. During the Writers Guild of America Awards, Lindelof told Deadline that he did not want to completely close the door on this series, saying that he just wanted some time between seasons instead of just releasing them in a regular fashion. He still has no plans to go back to Watchmen, at least for now but the writer wouldn't mind going back, once his ideas are more concrete.

This is what Lindelof had to say about his possible return to the series:

"I never wanna close the door completely because if two, three years from now I say, 'I just had another idea,' it will be that much harder to open. But I would say it's barely ajar. I think that there are no current plans to make any more Watchmen. If the idea comes, I would be enthusiastic about it, the idea may not come from me. I would be super excited about it coming from someone else. So my position hasn't changed."

Considering how the series has captured the hearts and minds of hardcore fans and casual HBO viewers, it's easy to see why people want a follow-up. That being said, it was a near-perfect eight episodes that told a self-contained story so it doesn't need a sequel at all. I mean, it's already a sequel so making another follow-up would be redundant.

Watchmen is steamable in all of the HBO apps, including the upcoming HBO Max streaming service.

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