CW Seed's Deathstroke Animated Series Coming Out Next Week

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It looks like fans won't have to wait long for CW Seed's Deathstroke animated series as the studio has confirmed that the show will be coming out next week, on January 6. That's a bit earlier than expected but fans can't complain, given how CW Seed has given them quality DC animated shows like Constantine: City of Demons so fans are hoping for more of the same with this series, Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons.

Despite the name of this show, Slade Wilson won't be taking part in a D&D-inspired adventure but will actually be taking on a group of supervillains. This version of the character doesn't appear to be the same one who haunted Oliver Queen in Arrow and the fact that he's now voiced by former The Shield actor Michael Chiklis proves that.


Why they'll be releasing a new animated series based on Deathstroke is interesting timing since he hasn't appeared in the Arrowverse for some time, not to mention the fact that his comic book from acclaimed writer Christopher Priest recently ended. Still, the character is relatively popular with a lot of fans and they won't be complaining about Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons, which could be a solid piece of entertainment.

Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons will premiere in CW Seed on January 6.

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