Joker Featured a Hidden Heath Ledger Tribute Nobody Noticed Until Now

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There is little doubt that Joker was perfect on its own but the film also had several Easter Eggs that fans completely missed. For instance, someone just discovered that the Joaquin Phoenix movie actually paid tribute to the late Heath Ledger in the most unusual way.

A fan noticed an interesting detail in one of the ambulances that showed up in Joker and immediately shared it on Reddit. Check it out below.

This design of the back of this ambulance in Joker (2019) looks familiar

Does that ambulance look familiar? It sure looks like Ledger's version of the Clown Prince of Crime from The Dark Knight where he visited the injured Harvey Dent at the hospital. It's an awesome tribute to one of the best performances from one of the greatest actors who have ever portrayed the Joker.

Ledger played the Joker in The Dark Knight back in 2008. The late actor was vocal about he tackled the role and it ended up being one of his last film roles before his unexpected death on January 22, 2008. He would later be honored with a posthumous Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Although Phoenix's take on the Joker is completely different from Ledger's, the Gladiator actor is also expected to bring home several awards for his performance in the Todd Phillips movie. Joker has been nominated for several Golden Globes including Best Actor for Phoenix and Best Film.

Did you notice any more Easter Eggs in Joker? Sound off in the comments below.

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