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Crunchyroll Subscribers Get Free Month of Discord Nitro

Crunchyroll Discord Nitro Promo Crunchyroll Hime
Credit: Crunchyroll / Siino

To celebrate the launch of its official Discord, Crunchyroll announced that subscribers are getting a free month of Discord Nitro. This new promo is available today until December 2, 2022.

This special promo for Crunchyroll subscribers was announced via an article on the Crunchyroll news site, as well as on the platform’s official Twitter account.

There, details about the promo were revealed, including how to redeem the service as well as redemption dates.

What Is Discord Nitro?

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Credit: Discord

Discord is one of the most popular voice and instant messaging platforms online, and it is a common platform for anime fans online to discuss their favorite shows.

Given this, it’s no surprise that Crunchyroll opened an official Discord server.

While Discord is free, it does offer a paid subscription service called Discord Nitro. This service gives subscribers access to various perks, including custom emojis, 100MB file sharing, and more.

Specifically, the perks include:

  • Having custom emoji anywhere and making them animated
  • Having custom stickers anywhere plus 300+ Nitro exclusives
  • Bigger file sharing
  • Access to more Activities
  • HD streaming
  • Having up to 4K and 60fps
  • 2 Free Boosts+ 30% off extra Boosts
  • Having an animated avatar, banner, profile theme, and custom tag
  • Having custom server profiles
  • Having a Nitro badge on your profile
  • Having custom video backgrounds
  • Joining up to 200 servers
  • Longer messages up to 4,000 characters

Nitro was launched five years ago, but just last month, Discord introduced Nitro Basic, a more affordable subscription plan.

With Nitro Basic, subscribers will get some of the Nitro perks such as bigger file sharing and custom stickers.

But for the promo, Crunchyroll subscribers will get the full version of Nitro for one month. This means users can try out all the premium features for a month.

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Crunchyroll and Discord Nitro Partnership

This promo is available to all Crunchyroll Fan, Mega Fan, and Ultimate Fan subscribers.

It is also available for those with Funimation Premium and Premium Plus memberships given the previous Funimation merger announcement.

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The free trial codes will be given via email to subscribers who opted in to email before November 2, 2022. To redeem these codes, Discord will have a code redemption page.

Crunchyroll’s new promo runs from today until December 2, 2022. Meanwhile, the redemption of the codes will be available until January 2, 2023.

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