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Crunchyroll Finally Fixes Its Seasons Interface

Crunchyroll Seasons Interface Crunchyroll-Hime
Credit: Siino / Crunchyroll

Despite being one of the most popular anime streaming platforms, Crunchyroll still had some UI-related issues that led to some viewer confusion. Now, Crunchyroll has finally fixed its seasons interface for shows with multiple language options.

While Crunchyroll didn’t announce the fix on its social media platforms, fans online noticed that the platform’s interface is finally fixed as it no longer shows each language option as its own season.

Crunchyroll’s Long-Running Language Selection Problem

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Credit: Siino / Crunchyroll

For many anime fans, Crunchyroll is the primary platform they use to watch anime. Aside from the fact that many seasonal shows are streamed there, it also features a lot of language options for non-English-speaking viewers.

Despite this, fans still had issues with some clunky interface choices by the platform.

Ahead of this fix, many had problems with how Crunchyroll presents different language options on each show.

Previously, each language was treated as a season, meaning viewers had to take extra steps to select the language they like.

For comparison, other streaming platforms have a dedicated language menu in their player for easy access.

For example, Spy x Family may only have one season (two if you count each season as a cour), but on Crunchyroll previously, it was listed as having nine seasons with 178 episodes.

While this isn’t a huge issue when watching shows, it does make selecting shows more of a hassle than it should be.

Thankfully, the platform has finally fixed this issue as there’s a new way for viewers to change the language they’re watching in without having to select another “season.”

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Crunchyroll Seasons Interface Update

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Recently, fans spotted the fixed interface. On Reddit, a thread was put up that highlighted the update.

Now, Crunchyroll has a language selection option in the player for a less cluttered list of seasons and episodes.

On the thread, some viewers mentioned that this seemingly easy fix wasn’t implemented for the longest time as the platform may be running on old code which is complicated to work on.

Despite the fix, it seems that not all versions of the Crunchyroll apps are running without issue.

On Twitter, there are still viewers who have complaints about Crunchyroll outside of its website.

Because of this, many are hoping that the new Crunchyroll website will hopefully fix things when it releases.

While there’s no info yet on when the new website will launch, many hope that it will go live later this year.

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