Crisis on Infinite Earths Star Receives Hate Messages Over Oliver Queen's Death

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With Stephen Amell's Green Arrow making the ultimate sacrifice to save those he loved, Crisis on Infinite Earths has officially closed the book on the Emerald Archer's story. While it has already been weeks since Oliver Queen's fate was sealed, it looks like some fans can't seem to accept what has happened.

Oliver made a deal with LaMonica Garrett's The Monitor in the seventh season of Arrow to spare the life of The Flash as well as Supergirl. Unfortunately, Monitor revealed that Olive would die in the upcoming Crisis, which turns out to be the truth because the hero did sacrifice himself in the event. Although Garret isn't responsible for actually killing off the beloved hero, he has been receiving some hate messages over what his character did in the show.

Taking to Twitter, Garrett shared a screenshot of a hate message he got from his Instagram DM's which shows that some fans couldn't get over the story and has been blaming the actor for something that he didn't actually do in real life. You can check out his post below.


It is upsetting that some people would really take the time to send messages like these and hate the actor for something he wasn't responsible for. Even if it was Garret's choice to kill off Stephen Amell's character, it is still a fictional universe and no one deserves to be harassed like this.

What are your thoughts on Oliver Queen's fate in Crisis? Tell us in the comments below!

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