Cress Williams Teases Black Lightning Season 2 Episode Titles

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Things are about to get complicated in Black Lightning Season 2. Lead star Cress Williams has just teased on the new episode titles and it looks like Jefferson Pierce will need to face major consequences.

The first season concluded with Black Lightning and his daughter Thunder being recognized as public heroes. However, it also showed that the villainous Tobias White managed to take hold of Martin Proctor's briefcase and intends to use it to get rid of Jefferson's alter ego. Not surprisingly, Williams has revealed to TVLine that the first episodes of Black Lightning Season 2 will be given the title, The Book of Consequences.

"We don't have to explain anymore," Williams stated. "I feel like [showrunner] Salim [Akil] said, 'let's drop a bomb and see what happens!' So, it's not accidental that our first episodes are called The Book of Consequences."


Black Lightning has a tradition of giving the episodes "book titles." For instance, the season finale was dubbed Shadow of Death: The Book of War.

But what kind of consequences can fans look forward to in the second season? Williams hinted at Jefferson possibly losing his job since Garfield High School is looking for a new principal. "That's part of the consequences," he said.

The second season could also show Jefferson's other daughter Jennifer struggling with the powers she used to save her father in the season finale. Hopefully, this could mean Jennifer will finally take on her Lightning persona.

Black Lightning Season 2 will premiere on The CW on October 9.

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