20 Jun 2021 2:24 PM +00:00 UTC

Creepy Radioactive Xenomorphs are Coming to Marvel's Official Aliens Sequel

Marvel is set to bring back one of the most recognizable settings when it comes to the Alien universe. It will return to the colony of Hadley's Hope or as the right term would be, what's left of the colony. The colony was destroyed by the nuclear explosion in James Cameron's movie titled Aliens. There is not so much left with Hadley's Hope.

This led a team of investigative journalists to check out the wreckage only to find out that there is still something that lives in the wreckage. To their horror, they will be facing the creepy and deadly radioactive Xenomorphs.

Aliens Aftermath
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Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel's ongoing comic series for Aliens will dive deep into the Xenomorphs. These creatures are one of the most dangerous beings in space and adding deadly radiation to the danger makes them lethal. The danger level is at an all-time high for the characters.


The Xenomorphs' ability to survive even in a radioactive environment also comes with some new abilities which are not certainly helpful to humans. Their acid blood cannot only simply burn but may even be radioactive. Even if the journalists manage to kill one, they will have to face the additional hazard of having to be exposed to radioactive material.

Phil Noto's cover for the comics shows an iridescent Xenomorph. The preview showed a ship coming near to Hadley's Hope and attacking it with missiles, which may be what has happened at the end of Cameron's film. The preview showed the journalists investigating the wreckage and running across a glowing Xenomorph that stalks them.

The story of the radioactive Xenomorphs will be on Aliens: Aftermath #1 which will arrive in comic book shops on July 14.


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