Xenomorphs Have Officially Infiltrated Marvel in New Trailer For Comic Series

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Marvel Comics has officially released a new trailer for its new comic for Alien #1. The trailer offers a first look at the new series of artist Salvador Larroca and writer Philip Kennedy Johnson.

Marvel's Alien #1 is the first original comic which is set in the horror and science fiction franchise's universe. The franchise is now part of Disney's media library which follows after the sale of 20th Century Fox.

The new Alien series follows Gabriel Cruz. Gabriel barely survived an encounter with an alien many years ago when working for the Weyland-Yutani company. He has tried to reconnect with the son he has left behind. He is also getting help from an android similar to a Bishop-model. His return to the civilian isn't going smoothly.


The writer of the comic series stated that as a reader and a fan, he was excited upon hearing that the franchise will come to Marvel. He is "floored" when he was asked to write the launch.

Kennedy Johnson revealed that he has been training his whole life for this specific "gig" without even knowing it. The writer further revealed that when he saw Ridley Scott's Alien at an early age, he has become very obsessed with the xenomorph. Larroca was also excited to become a part of the series. He stated that drawing for the comic is a dream come true. Alien has been one of his favorite science fiction horror references.

The Xenomorphs and the Alien franchise will debut in Marvel Comics when the new comics series comes out on March 24, 2021.

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