20 Jun 2016 5:20 PM +00:00 UTC

Creators Give Details on Brand New Star Trek Anthology Comic

IDW has announced a brand-new Star Trek anthology comic, titled Star Trek: Waypoint, will hit the shelves starting in September. The anthology will be released bi-monthy and will tell short stories set in all the different eras of the Star Trek universe. Creators Donny Cates and artist Sandra Lanz gave details about the comic in an interview with io9.

Donny Cates revealed that he would be writing a Star Trek: Next Generation story for the first issue, aided by artist Mark Chater. Sandra Lanz will be writing and drawing a story set during the era of Star Trek: The Original Series. Cates' story will focus on Data and Geordi Forge tracking a mysterious message and Lanz's story will focus on Uhura's struggle to survive while stranded on a planet vacant of human life.

Both Lanz and Cates showed a lot of enthusiasm for the new project in the interview. Cates said of his story that "Trek, to me, isn't something that you take on lightly, and I wanted to make sure I had a story that honored the source material and the ethics of the series." Lanz stated that she was influenced by The Next Generation episode "Darmok" for her Uhura story.


The article also showed uncolored art for Lanz's Uhura peice, showing the character wandering around the abandoned planet. Star Trek: Waypoint will be a six-issue miniseries.

I think it will be really cool to see different artists and writers takes on different eras of Star Trek and it sounds like there's a lot of passion for the project. Are you excited for Star Trek: Waypoint?

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