The Witcher Creator Has Surprisingly Honest Answer About Not Working on the Show

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The Witcher is officially mainstream thanks to the Netflix series, though the video games from CD Projekt Red did help out a bit. Before the show and games, The Witcher was a series of fantasy books by author Andrzej Sapkowski, who came up with most of the ideas we see in the two forms of media. Oddly enough, Sapkowski is not that involved with the show and he gives a surprisingly honest answer on why he doesn't do more.

Speaking with io9, Sapkowski stated that he was originally reluctant to bring his works into a live-action show since the offers he received weren't very serious. In the end, he was won over by a sympathetic team who were supposedly very business-like and Sapkowski is happy with the success. However, when it comes to his work on the show, Sapkowski revealed that he is barely involved in the production.

Here is Sapkowski's surprisingly honest answer on why he doesn't get too involved with the production process:

Not very much, on my own request. I do not like working too hard or too long. By the way, I do not like working at all. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone at me." John 8:7.

Did anyone expect that? Not really. Furthermore, Sapkowski also believes in an artist's freedom of expression, revealing that he didn't give the producers anything strict to follow.

For the record: I strongly believe in the freedom of an artist and his artistic expression. I do not interfere and do not impose my views on other artists. I do not insist on anything and do not fight for anything. I advise. When necessary. And asked for.

If anything, this was a refreshing interview and one that should amuse fans of The Witcher. There are a lot of fans who hold his work on the books in high regard, though they don't outnumber those who are enjoying the show on Netflix. Here's hoping that we get more quality content from this franchise, even if Sapkowski doesn't work on them much.

The Witcher can now be streamed on Netflix. No release date for The Witcher Season 2 has been revealed.

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