Billy Butcher and Kimiko Plan Something 'Diabolical' in The Boys Season 2 Photo

The Boys is now one of Amazon Prime's most viewed shows, thanks to its extreme violence and satirical writing. It also broke a lot of expectations when the show happened to be feminist and heartwarming, whilst keeping the comic's core themes on the forefront. We call can't wait to see what Season 2 has in store for us and if this picture Karl Urban shared is anything to go by, Billy Butcher and Kamiko have diabolical things planned.

Admittedly, seeing Kamiko and Billy Butcher together is a bit odd, given how the two barely interacted during the show. Still, this implies that Butcher will reunite with The Boys sometime after the cliffhanger, which blew away everyone's mind. We'll have to wait and see how the show follows up on that but it's good to know that Billy will regroup with everyone.

It's cute seeing Urban here with actress Karen Fukuhara since, once again, the two didn't share much screen time together during the first season. That was for story reasons since they were establishing a bond between Kamiko and Frenchie, so we should expect these two to get closer in Season 2. Butcher could also want to use her powers against The Seven, hence the diabolical face he makes in this photo.

Considering how creatively violent the first season ended up being, it will be fun to see what kind of gory situations we could end up seeing in The Boys Season 2. Hopefully, we get more of this tone that the show has introduced, while also expanding on certain concepts.

No release date for The Boys Season 2 has been announced. The first season can be streamed now on Amazon Prime.

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