Do Seo Dan and Seung-jun End Up Together in Crash Landing on You?

Seo Dan looking at Seung-jun
Credit: Netflix

Seo Dan looking at Seung-jun
Credit: Netflix

Crash Landing on You fans found themselves rooting for not just the main couple, but also the show’s second lead couple, Seo Dan and Seung-jun. What happened to Seo Dan and Seung-jun at the end of Crash Landing on You?

Do they end up together and get a happy ending?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Crash Landing on You. Read at your own risk!

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Seo Dan and Gu Seung-jun’s Romance in Crash Landing on You Explained

Seo Dan looking at Seung-jun while he's driving
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Credit: Netflix

Seo Dan is Ri Jeong-hyeok’s fiancée through an arranged marriage by their parents. Gu Seung-jun/Albert Gu is a conman who has connections with Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok.

Dan and Seung-jun meet when Seung-jun offers Dan a ride after her taxi gets stuck in the middle of nowhere. Since then, they’ve been seeing each other unexpectedly.

They become closer after Dan saves Seung-jun from being investigated for suspicious behavior. Seung-jun’s feelings for Dan become clear, and he wonders if she has feelings for him too.

Eventually, Seung-jun admits what he feels about Dan. He says that she’s pretty, an amazing woman, and she makes him want to become a better man. When he asks Dan if she wants more, Dan kisses him.

Seung-jun kneeling and looking at Seo Dan
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Credit: Netflix

Unfortunately, they couldn’t be together because Seung-jun is in hiding. As he is being chased, Seung-jun decides to leave.

He apologizes to Dan and gives her a ring. He then asks her to give him a chance once he gets better and if she is still single.

Dan sends Seung-jun to the airport and leaves without saying a word. Later on, Seung-jun gets a call from a man threatening to kill Dan if Seung-jun does not go to them.

Seung-jun goes to the warehouse where Dan is held hostage, but unfortunately, he gets shot while saving Dan.

As Dan runs toward Seung-jun, the latter smiles and thinks, “I was wrong. When I die, there is someone who cries for me. The fact you are that person makes me sad and happy.”

Do Seo Dan and Seung-jun End Up Together? The Second Lead Couple’s Tragic Ending Explained

Seung-jun holding Seo Dan's face
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Credit: Netflix

Unfortunately, Seo Dan and Seung-jun do not get their happy ending because Seung-jun dies. It’s a tragic ending for Crash Landing on You’s second lead couple.

In the ambulance, as Seung-jun struggles to live, Dan admits that she was going to give him a chance and wait for him until he got better.

Before taking his last breath, Seung-jun weakly asks Dan what she meant one night when they were eating noodles. He asks if Dan liked instant noodles, “that man”, or him.

Dan cries and admits that it was him she liked. Seung-jun says, “I knew it” and tries to hold Dan’s face but fails to do so as he passes away.

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Dan spends the rest of her days grieving until she decides to get revenge on the ones behind Seung-jun’s death. But after such, Dan continues to grieve.

She finds Seung-jun’s blue coat, hugs it, and cries. She also goes to the place where they first kissed.

Dan’s mother meets with Jeong-hyeok’s mother to call off the engagement. She explains that her daughter is in love with someone else, and that person loves Dan more than his own life.

Seo Dan smiling
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Credit: Netflix

Later on, a fortune teller predicts that Dan will no longer have more men in her life as she already found the one man who’s the love of her life but parted ways with him three years ago.

However, the fortune teller adds that Dan will become extremely successful, and with the amount of success she’ll have, she won’t need a man.

Dan tells her mother that being single is the trend nowadays. We also see that she’s becoming successful in her career as a cellist as she has an upcoming performance in Russia. Dan then walks alone with a smile on her face.

So, while Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok’s ending could be called a happy one, the same cannot be said for the show’s second lead couple. Dan lost the love of her life just as she found it. And while she was willing to wait for Seung-jun, he died.

It was a tragic ending for Seo Dan and Seung-jun in Crash Landing on You, and viewers would have wanted things to be different. But at least we see that Dan gets better, with her finding happiness in music.

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