Crash Landing on You’s Ending Explained

Se-ri smiling
Credit: Netflix

Se-ri smiling
Credit: Netflix

In Crash Landing on You, an accident forces a South Korean businesswoman named Yoon Se-ri to make an emergency landing in North Korea. She then meets a captain in the North Korean army named Ri Jeong-hyeok.

Jeong-hyeok decides to help her go back to the South, and along the way, they fall in love. Viewers were hoping for a happy ending in this forbidden love story.

Additionally, fans were also rooting for the show’s second lead couple, Seo Dan and Gu Seung-jun. So, what happened in the ending of Crash Landing on You?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Crash Landing on You finale. Read at your own risk!

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Crash Landing on You Ending: Does Seung-jun Die?

Seung-jun dying
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Credit: Netflix

Unfortunately, Gu Seung-jun dies after getting shot while saving Seo Dan. In the ambulance, as Seung-jun struggles to live, Dan admits that she was going to give him a chance and wait for him until he got better.

Before taking his last breath, Seung-jun weakly asks Dan what she meant one night when they were eating noodles. He asks if Dan liked instant noodles, “that man”, or him.

Dan cries and admits that it was him she liked. Seung-jun says, “I knew it” and tries to hold Dan’s face but fails to do so as he passes away.

Dan spends the rest of her days grieving until she decides to get revenge on the ones behind Seung-jun’s death.

Seo Dan crying
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After such, her arranged marriage with Jeong-hyeok is called off as Dan’s mother realized that she is in love with someone else, and that person loves Dan more than his own life.

Dan makes her peace with Jeong-hyeok, and when the latter asks where Seung-jun is, Dan responds that he went far away and will never come back.

Later on, a fortune teller predicts that Dan will no longer have more men in her life as she already found the one man who’s the love of her life but parted ways with him three years ago.

However, the fortune teller adds that Dan will become extremely successful, and with the amount of success she’ll have, she won’t need a man.

Dan tells her mother that being single is the trend nowadays. We also see that she’s becoming successful in her career as a cellist as she has an upcoming performance in Russia. Dan then walks alone with a smile on her face.

What Happens to Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok?

Se-ri looking at Jeong-hyeok and crying
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Unlike Seung-jun, Se-ri survives. Jeong-hyeok stays at the hospital to watch over Se-ri at a distance. When Se-ri regains consciousness, Jeong-hyeok is forced to leave and go back to North Korea.

Se-ri’s stepmother encourages her to say goodbye one last time to Jeong-hyeok. Se-ri arrives at the border, and she and Jeong-hyeok run toward each other.

They express their love for each other until Jeong-hyeok gets taken away, leaving both of them in tears.

In North Korea, the Military Director plans to execute Jeong-hyeok and his comrades. However, they are rescued by Jeong-hyeok’s father. Jeong-hyeok is then able to return home safely.

Se-ri holding her phone and looking at the flower
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In the South, Se-ri finds the food and notes Jeong-hyeok left her. She then continuously receives scheduled text messages from Jeong-hyeok which brighten her day. Even Se-ri’s employees notice the positive changes in her.

On her birthday, she receives the last message, as scheduled texts have a one-year limit. Jeong-hyeok tells Se-ri that he wants to meet her in the country where Edelweiss blooms.

He adds that while he cannot give an exact date, if they both try their best, perhaps fate will be on their side.

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Crash Landing on You Finale: Do Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok Get a Happy Ending?

Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok smiling at each other
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Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok do not get a perfect happy ending in Crash Landing on You, but at least we do see them reunited.

Since they couldn’t be together in their countries, they meet every year in Switzerland. However, it’s quite a bittersweet ending considering that they only spend two weeks together in a year.

Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok don’t get the happy ending viewers would have wanted for them because they still couldn’t be together permanently. But it’s the best they could do with their situation, so it’s the best happy ending they could get.

The ending shows that Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok find ways to be together. Amidst all the complications, we know that they still have each other, and their love for each other will always be there.

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