Cowboy Bebop: John Cho Finally Addresses Netflix Show's Shocking Cancellation

There is little doubt that most people are still trying to deal with the cancellation of Cowboy Bebop. After all, the live-action Netflix series had already teased a possible second season before the plug was pulled. But how does the lead star truly feel about the show being cancelled? John Cho has finally decided to speak about what happened to the series!

Back in November, Cowboy Bebop was released and was immediately met with mixed reviews. Just a few weeks later, Netflix announced that the series would be cancelled after one season. Since then, the cast and crew have shared their disappointment about the cancellation but John Cho chose to remain silent about the issue.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cho finally addressed the cancellation, admitting he was shocked by the news.

"It was very shocking and I was bummed. I was very warmed by the response [to the show]. I wish I could have contacted everybody and gotten hugs… I'm mystified a little bit about how you can connect with people that you don't know doing your work, but I won't question it," Cho said. "I will value it and treasure it. I'm just really deeply appreciative that anyone would care. It's stunning to me."

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He also shared how he put his heart into the series, revealing that he took his family with him during filming and working hard despite the injury he incurred early during production.

"I put a lot of my life into it. I'd gotten injured shooting that show and so I took a year off because of the surgery and devoted myself to rehab, came back, and finished the show. It was this huge mountain for me to climb healing from that injury," Cho said. "I felt good about myself as a result. We also shot the show in New Zealand, so my family moved there. It was just a huge event in my life and it was suddenly over."

It's certainly a heartbreaking thought considering the amount of work that John Cho and the rest of the cast and crew put into the series. With that in mind, fans continue to sign the petition begging Netflix to renew Cowboy Bebop for a second season.

For now, there hasn't been any updates on a possible sequel for Cowboy Bebop. In the meantime, the series is still streaming on Netflix.

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