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Cowboy Bebop Gives Ein an Unexpected Connection to Major Anime Villain

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Cowboy Bebop Season 1 is finally out and the live-action series has made some interesting changes to all of the characters. For instance, Gren is now working for Ana (Annie in the anime), who is depicted as the owner of an underground jazz club (she owns a convenience store in the original show). Interestingly, the most unexpected change involves Ein the Data Dog, who is revealed to be connected to a major villain.

In the anime, Spike Spiegel gets hold of Ein when he goes after bounty-head Abdul Hakim, who has stolen a valuable lab animal. It is then revealed that Ein possesses a genetically enhanced intellect and is eventually adopted by Jet Black.

The live-action series follows some of Ein's original story arc, being one of many dogs that Hakim has abducted. However, he is initially taken by Jet as a present for his daughter, who is unable to keep the dog. That's when Jet decides to keep Ein on the Bebop.

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In a later episode, it is revealed that Ein is one of several dogs kept in a laboratory where Pierrot LeFou was turned into a dangerous killer. When LeFou is ordered to kill Spike, the hitman searches through the lab's files and connects to Ein, successfully projecting a video of himself through the corgi's eyes.

The unexpected connection between Ein and Pierrot convinces the Bebop crew that the dog is too dangerous to keep on the ship. They leave the corgi behind as they go after Pierrot but Ein is later reunited with Spike, thanks to the arrival of another fan-favorite anime character.

The first season of Cowboy Bebop certainly has fans divided considering all the major changes. While some are enjoying the fresh take on the anime characters, others are not as impressed with the show. However, it is clear that the series is far from over as the season finale concludes with Spike being told about a new target.


Cowboy Bebop Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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