Could This Sherlock Set Photo Hint At A Crossover With Doctor Who?

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There's a new behind the scenes photo of Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi making himself comfortable on the set of BBC's Sherlock, igniting rumors that there might be a crossover between the long-running science fiction BBC series and the network's former crime drama television show by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

Posted by Rachel Talalay, an episode director who's worked on episodes of both Doctor Who and Sherlock, show the Twelfth Doctor by Peter Capaldi sinking deep in Sherlock's (Benedict Cumberbatch) chair on set of Sherlock.

"Promised #LIWho I'd finally post this: #PCap visiting (no conspiracy) me at #Sherlock221b last year. In costume as he was working on Class that day. Now i'm done over-explaining, great moment for #WhoLock #DoctorWho," Talalay captioned the photo.


Could this be a sign that Doctor Who fans would get a crossover with Sherlock? Noting that Capaldi was on set after filming the cancelled Doctor Who spinoff series, Class, Talalay makes it sound unlikely that the image would have been posted if it was taken for some super secret cameo for either Doctor Who or Sherlock.

Neither series has time for a crossover – while Doctor Who's cast is open to having a fifth season in the future, both Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman seemed tied down by their busy schedules, meanwhile Moffat will be leaving Doctor Who after the series' Christmas Episode this year, Twice Upon a Time. There's nothing wrong with hoping though. Let's just wait and see.

Doctor Who airs Twice Upon A Time on December 25, 2017 on BBC America.

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