Jamie Bell: Andy Serkis Should Direct The Tintin Sequel

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It's been six years since the release of Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin movie, and it looks like any chances for a sequel are looking slim. If a sequel were to take place, however, Tintin actor Jamie Bell already thinks he has a perfect idea on who should direct it.

Talking to Empire Magazine (via ScreenRant), Bell says:

"I hope so. Someone said at the [Film Stars Dont Die In Liverpool] premiere last night, ‘Ooh maybe Andy Serkis could direct it' and I was like, ‘Oh my god. That's a great idea. A f**king great idea!' I am totally down for that. I'd work, of course, with Peter again, or whoever wanted to make it. [But] working alongside Andy is always great because he's just so talented, I'd love to do it. [Points at notebook] Write it, write it, so that it happens!"


Back in 2011, The Adventures of Tintin seemed like the collaboration of a lifetime. Besides the fact that the film was being produced by LOTR's Peter Jackson, you also have Steven Spielberg as the director. Not to even mention that the screenplay was written by Sherlock and Doctor Who's Steven Moffat.

In the film, Andy Serkis actually played the role of the drunkard Captain Haddock, and though he may have only acted in the first movie, I can imagine Serkis taking over the director's chair if they ever made a sequel.

Hopefully Bell's comments could get the Tintin sequel some traction, but the way it looks, it seems that a Tintin movie is the furthest thing from Hollywood's mind right now. Maybe in the next few years, we'll see someone try to reboot the franchise or make a decent sequel to the 2011 film.

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