08 Nov 2018 11:28 AM +00:00 UTC

Could Rey Get a New Kyber Crystal for Her Lightsaber in Episdoe IX?

Star Wars The Last Jedi had ended with the iconic Skywalker lightsaber split in two, but the end seems to tease that Rey herself will build a new lightsaber out of the scraps. Interestingly enough, a closer look at the prop may suggest that Rey will be needing a new Kyber crystal like the one in Anakin's lightsaber had split in two.

Check it out:

The Star Wars show gave us a closer look at Rey’s lightsaber, and the Kyber crystal IS broken, meaning she will definitely get a new one in or before IX

We don't really know what the science is when it comes to the Kyber crystals, but maybe Rey can work off the scraps even with smaller pieces. Maybe she can just put the crystal back together herself? Either way, I don't think the movie is going to spend too much time explaining how Rey gets a new lightsaber—much like they didn't explain Luke's new green one in Return of the Jedi.

With Rey being prominent with a staff, a lot of people are guessing that she's going to build herself a dual bladed saber like Maul's. It would definitely be amazing visually, and it would be interesting to see Rey and Kylo fight with their fully developed skills.

Just my own weird pitch, but what if Rey's saber could split in two on purpose? The toys can do it, why can't the movies?

For now, we're just left guessing on what to expect with the film. Best guess is Lucasfilm is going to give us our first teaser during Star Wars Celebration next year. Fingers crossed we get an official title before the year ends.

Catch Star Wars Episode IX in theaters Dec. 20, 2019.

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