Here's the Complete Bleach Anime Timeline

The Complete Bleach Anime Timeline Ichigo Kurosaki
Credit: Pierrot

The Complete Bleach Anime Timeline Ichigo Kurosaki
Credit: Pierrot

The Bleach universe is vast and intricate, and the meticulously crafted narrative of the series spans centuries. So, if you want to understand and appreciate the series more, here's the complete Bleach anime timeline, explained!

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The Complete Bleach Anime Timeline, Explained

Ichigo Bleach
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Credit: Pierrot

From the humble beginnings of Ichigo Kurosaki as a substitute Soul Reaper to the climactic showdowns with formidable enemies like Aizen Sosuke and Yhwach, this timeline will unravel the threads of time and space that bind this extraordinary tale together.

Bleach Act 1 Timeline

The Complete Bleach Anime Timeline Ichigo
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Credit: Pierrot

The sequence of events leading up to and encompassing the conflict with Aizen happened over roughly half a year while Ichigo was in his first year of high school.

Somewhere in the middle of May, Ichigo attained the status of a Shinigami, specifically on a Friday, around 7:13 PM.

These events align with the Japanese school calendar, with Ichigo serving as Rukia’s substitute in the first high school term (April to mid-July), and venturing to Soul Society during summer break from mid-July to late August.

Complete Bleach Anime Timeline Soul Society Arc Rukia and Gin
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Then, they face the Arrancar invasion and the ensuing battles in the second high school term from early September to late December.

Initially, the Soul Society anticipated that the pivotal battle would occur in winter.

However, Aizen acted prematurely, resulting in the crucial battles unfolding at the end of October and the start of November instead.

Bleach Act 2 Timeline

Ichigo Kurosaki Bleach
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The second act in Bleach's timeline comprises two main events — The Tale of the Lost Agent and the Quincy Blood War.

The Tale of the Lost Agent marks a significant conflict in Ichigo’s life, occurring 17 months after the downfall of Aizen.

During this period, Ichigo finds himself completely stripped of his spiritual powers and abilities.

After surviving an assault by his friend Uryu Ishida, Ichigo resolves to reclaim his lost Soul Reaper abilities and seeks assistance from a group of Fullbrings known as Xcution.

The Quincy Blood War is the conflict showcased in the final arc of the series known as the Thousand-Year Blood War arc.

Yhwach Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War
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This epic war started 19 months after Aizen’s defeat and served as a conflict between the Wandenreich and the Gotei 13.

The Quincy Blood War significantly disrupts the balance in Soul Society and results in significant losses on both sides.

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The war kickstarts following unusual incidents in the Human World and Rukongai, attracting Gotei 13’s attention.

Simultaneously, Ichigo and his allies discover the Wandenreich’s control over Hueco Mundo and embark on a mission to aid their comrades.

Meanwhile, Yhwach initiates a massive assault on the Seireitei, ultimately resulting in the death of Captain-Commander Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto.

Ichigo and his core group of Shinigami companions encounter the Royal Guard, who escort them to the Soul King Palace for specialized training.

Meanwhile, the Gotei 13 readies itself for the upcoming phase of the conflict.

In the midst of these events, Uryu is designated as Yhwach's successor within the Wandenreich, much to the Sternritter's dismay, and is granted his unique Schrift.

In the second Seireitei invasion by the Wandenreich, the Gotei 13 successfully resists the Sternritter for over a day, even though the Seireitei is replaced by the Wandenreich's city.

Yhwach's ultimate plan unfolds as he journeys to the Soul King Palace and absorbs the Soul King.

This leads to a climactic battle with Ichigo, his allies, and the Gotei 13 as they navigate the transformed palace and confront the formidable Schutzstaffel.

After Ichigo defeats Yhwach, the realms are restored to peace, and stability reigns for the next decade.

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