Comixology App to Close Next Month in Next Stage of Amazon Merger

Comixology Kindle Attack on Titan Eren
Credit: Hajime Isayama / Kodansha

Comixology Kindle Attack on Titan Eren
Credit: Hajime Isayama / Kodansha

Yet another manga platform is bidding farewell next month. The Comixology app is set to close in December in the next stage of the service’s Amazon Kindle merger.

Comixology recently revealed via its official X (formerly Twitter) account that the app will no longer be available starting in early December. Thus, fans are directed to download the Kindle app or read on the Amazon website.

This doesn’t mean Comixology will close entirely. Instead, the brand will be retained under Kindle, along with accompanying services.

Kindle App and Comixology Begin Merger

Comixology may be thought of more as a service for reading comics, but manga fans have also flocked to the service in recent years thanks to its roster of manga.

These include hits like Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga from Kodansha, as well as other titles from publishers such as Seven Seas, Viz Media, and more.

The Comixology platform was founded back in 2007, though it was acquired by Amazon in 2014. Its initial years under Amazon didn’t affect the platform’s operations much.

This changed last year, as Amazon began to merge Comixology into the Kindle family of products and services.

Recently, Amazon revealed that it is merging the Comixology app with the Kindle app. With this, users will be able to access their library and hide titles on the Kindle app, as they would on the Comixology app.

Because of this merger, though, Amazon will shut down the Comixology app soon, but the Unlimited subscription offer will continue.

Existing subscribers will be unaffected (except for the fact that they’ll need to use the Kindle app) while those interested in getting one will still be able to. The ability to buy comics and manga will also be retained.

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Comixology App to Close in December 2023

Details about the app merger were shared on the Comixology X account. There, it was revealed that the Comixology app will close on December 4, 2023. This closure will happen on iOS, Android, and Fire OS.

To allay users’ worries, it was revealed that a user’s library along with their reading progress will be transferred over to the Kindle app.

The merger was not well-received by some Comixology users who expressed their disappointment in the decision.

Based on the reactions, it seems that some subscribers aren’t happy about needing to use the Kindle app.

Meanwhile, others were more understanding as the existing Comixology services won’t be affected.

Comixology isn’t the only reading platform that will close an app soon as Crunchyroll is also set to close its manga service in December.

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