SDCC 2020 to Push Through as Virtual Event #ComicConAtHome

The San Diego Comic-Con is one of the biggest pop-culture events of the year, but thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, it was forced to cancel. The good news is, the event is still going to push through, but it will be from the comfort of your home.

Here's the announcement:

We don't have any official details yet on how SDCC is going digital, but as you can see from the teaser, they're already listing down all the perks of having a virtual event, from no lines to everyone having a badge. It's still unclear if the event is going to do anything that requires people to pay, but I guess we'll get an announcement soon enough. Fingers crossed all the big announcements will be free for everyone.

While everyone thought things would have blown over by June, it doesn't seem like the virus hasn't slowed down significantly as of now. It was a huge blow to fans when E3 2020 was canceled a few months ago, and the cancellation of SDCC 2020 really sent the message of how serious things were going to be, and how long they were going to take.

It's great that SDCC was able to find a work-around, and hopefully, we still manage to get some of those huge reveals that people expect in July. We don't really know what's in store, but I imagine that Marvel Studios would give us our first teasers at Eternals and the upcoming Disney+ Marvel shows. Maybe DC will give us that first teaser for The Batman and The Suicide Squad. Fingers crossed we also get a preview for December's Dune.

While a date hasn't been announced, SDCC 2020 was originally set to take place on July 23–26.

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