Cillian Murphy Lands Perfect MCU Role in Fans' Campaign

If there’s one thing that’s consistent about a superhero fans, it's that they will always find the opportunity or be presented with one to match a Hollywood actor to a comic character that can be brought to life by DC Studios or Marvel. Despite fan casting not always turning out as fans hope it will, it’s one of the best past times for franchise diehards. A recent MCU fan cast is currently circulating with Peaky Blinders star Cillian Murphy.

Fans initially campaigned for the Oppenheimer actor to play Doctor Doom. But given Murphy’s versatility and impressive acting career, fans on Reddit thought of a new role that would make him shiner than he is already, and that was as The Silver Surfer. Based on the comics, with the power of the cosmic and a silver board, the newly christened Silver Surfer would travel the galaxy in search of planets to consume for his master. But a chance meeting with the Fantastic Four changed his mind, and he broke free and became a protector of those who needed him.

Murphy is no longer a stranger to comic book life, as he already portrayed Jonathan Crane, aka The Scarecrow, in DC’s live-action film Batman Begins (2005). Since then, he's continued his career and played roles as a hero, villain, and troubled soul in between. Even now, his roles have demonstrated that he has the necessary range to play a character like the Silver Surfer. His role in Peaky Blinders gave Murphy the reputation that his acting abilities are multifaceted.

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Marvel’s The Silver Surfer is an interesting character given that he is a beautiful soul who seeks to see the beauty in everything he encounters, despite the tragedy he seems to encounter. He can appreciate all kinds of beauty aside from the one that lies within himself. He keeps it all inside, and as a soft-spoken person, he never spoke about his pain to anyone, but it can be seen through his face from time to time.

Murphy's acting would be perfect to bring out the tragedy of The Silver Surfer. Similarly to Peaky Blinders’ Tommy Shelby, who keeps enduring the catastrophes of life, the 28 Days actor will be able to effortlessly translate the MCU character’s brokenness across the screen while giving an introspective journey about positivity and perception. The Silver Surfer is not a typical superhero who’s happy-go-lucky, but he saves the day just to feel the weight of it at the end of the day. The misery of the Silver Surfer will be handled by Murphy if he can bring the unique breed of the tragic hero to life.

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