Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Graces Cover for Total Film Magazine

Everyone is eagerly anticipating the return of movie theaters, and WB is expecting to make that debut in July with Christopher Nolan's Tenet. Promotion is going full swing for the film, and after a trailer drop, we have some new covers courtesy of Total Film Magazine.

Check them out:

While John David Washington is the clear protagonist in the trailers, it's said that he and Robert Pattinson will actually be sharing the spotlight as co-leads. We don't know for sure what Pattinson's role is, but it seems that he'll be the unlikely partner of Washington's ‘time spy'.

Though the trailer was kind of confusing, I can expect everything to come together when we finally see the film. If anything, it shows off the big ‘spectacle' that Nolan is trying to pull off with this film, and that's action scenes that turn back time while interacting with things playing in real-time. It's going to be one hell of a doozy.

For now, the film is standing unsure of its July release date, what with the global pandemic still in full swing. While theaters could be open by July, it's likely that social distancing will still be enforced, and theaters won't be allowed to fill seats to the brim. We're sure Sony wants this film to be a hit, so it's possible they could push the release date to a time when everyone could enjoy the movie as they normally would.

Tenet was set for a release on July 16.

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