Fans are Starting to Get Concerned about How The Batman Star Robert Pattinson is Dealing with Isolation

Robert Pattinson had gone trending a few weeks ago when Stephanie Meyer announced her Twilight spinoff Midnight Sun, but after a recent interview with GQ, Pattinson has once again caught everyone's attention and people are starting to get concerned about how Pattinson is dealing with isolation.

Besides revealing that he's been ignoring his personal trainer's orders to keep in shape, Pattinson has been saying a lot of crazy stuff in the interview, including his idea to make pasta you can eat with your hands and literally eating straight out of cans.

Here's what people have been posting:

While some are seeing this as some kind of mental breakdown on Pattinson's part, there are some fans who think this is Pattinson's idea of fun and are dubbing him as some kind of ‘agent of chaos.'

If anything, Pattinson has really proven himself to be a real eccentric among artists. After Twilight, Pattinson had been starring in a lot of experimental projects, and if you catch The Lighthouse, you can see that he's no stranger to being a full-on weirdo onscreen. Some think this is just him trying to shed off the Edward Cullen image that's been cultivated around him, but I think he really does have a genuine knack for anything "artsy".

We don't know when Pattinson will be back to work on The Batman, but everyone is eager to see his take on the Caped Crusader. Catch The Batman when it hits theaters Oct. 1, 2021.

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