26 Sep 2019 12:03 PM +00:00 UTC

Chris Pratt Reacts to Original Jurassic Park Actors Returning for Jurassic World 3

It was recently announced that Laura Dern and Sam Neil would join J-Je-J-Jeff GOLDBLUM for the still-unnamed Jurassic World 3. The three main actors from Jurassic Park are reunited and a lot of people are pretty excited about that since we haven't seen these characters together since the very first film. I think it's safe to assume that the occasion is worth celebrating and Jurassic World lead Chris Pratt feels the same way.

On Twitter, the Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy star expressed his excitement about the three Jurassic Park leads reuniting. He even went as far as to say that this will be the best Jurassic World movie yet, which isn't saying much if I'm being honest. Still, the reunion is cool and it will be interesting to see how the third film handles their interaction.

Despite numerous Jurassic Park movies, this is the first time the three lead actors will be together since the first one. The first sequel, Lost World, primarily focused on Jeff Goldblum, while Jurassic Park 3 was mostly about Sam Neil, though Laura Dern was in the movie. If anything, the excitement and money these movies have garnered prove that dinosaurs are still cool, which I am all about.


Sorry if I sounded like a Debby-downer but as someone who liked the first Jurassic World just fine and didn't bother with the second one, this reunion does have my interest piqued. Colin Treverrow seems like a solid enough director, even if we didn't get to see his Star Wars chops, and he should give us a compelling third installment.

Jurassic World 3 is currently scheduled for a June 2021 release.

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